NEXT MEETING: Thursday 5th April 2018

Membership Regulations

The Club is open for membership to any business or sole trader in the local areas, at the discretion of the organisers. The raison d’être of the Club is a contact point for promoting your business to other local traders, and is informal.

The Club meets on the second Thursday of each month from 12:30 at the Conservative Club in Chesham, and/or at other times by agreement.

The Club is non-profit making. The price per head of attendance is levied by the Conservative Club and includes a hot and cold buffet lunch. There is no separate membership fee.

The number of members attending each meeting is reported by the organiser to the Conservative club in advance who then cater, and are paid by the organiser for that number. As payment is collected on the day, it follows that a member who books a place but does not attend will be required to pay the attendance fee as soon as possible, as the alternative is for the organiser to pay personally for the absentee.

The Organiser collects the attendance fee, and 100% thereof is passed to the Conservative Club on the day. There is therefore no treasurer, and no accounts are produced.

Any member can arrange to give a 10-minute presentation on a Club day. This is to be arranged in advance with the organiser.

Only literature prepared by the presenter and Chessman & Partners Ltd (the ultimate organiser) is allowed on the individual tables. Members are welcome to display their material on the communal table provided. Special offers and discounts for other members are actively encouraged. Non-members literature is not allowed.

The time and materials required to produce and deliver invitations to Club meetings, together with other literature, and the telephone/fax/organisational time needed is provided at no cost to members by Chessman and Partners Ltd.

In addition, many of the Club procedures are carried out by the organiser in her own time.

Members are encouraged to forward details of their company for inclusion in the club website This website is hosted & updated by a member of the club without cost to the other members.

You and all other attendees from your organisation are deemed to have accepted these regulations & procedures by your attendance at the Club meetings.